EP Validations

The portal will provide you with a proposal for filing via local agents in the countries and regions you have selected. However, the portal is flexible and you can choose whether to use the selected agents for only certain filings and continue to use your existing local agents for others. If you use a local agent not listed in the portal you must provide us with their contact details.

There is no obligation to use the agents selected on the portal but these will provide a more cost-effective solution.

The portal is easy to use and you can quickly file validations in a selection of member states (and extension states) via a few clicks:
  1. Select the EP product
  2. Identify and select the EP patents
  3. Select countries and regions, and get quotes
  4. Answer some country specific questions
  5. Select agents, and send you filing order

Please see our help section for more detailed information about the various options in the portal.