Terms and Conditions
  1. Actio IP searches official databases to collect information about the PCT cases and EP patents for which you are the representative. We can not guarantee that the list of cases presented on the portal is complete, so please let us know if cases are missing or if we have presented cases where you are not the correct agent.
  2. The due date for national filing of PCT applications is calculated based on the identification of the first priority date, and the due date shown on the portal is 30 months from the first priority due date. The due date in some countries is 31 months from the first priority, but these due dates are only shown when you have sent an order.
  3. The due date for granted EP patents is 3 months after the mention of the grant.
  4. You must send your filing order in good time before the due date, at least one month before the indicated due date.
  5. You will receive an automatic generated filing order receipt shortly after you have sent your order. We will contact the selected local agents, and you will receive our formal order confirmation for each of the countries within a few working days.
  6. We have to check whether our agents can handle the filings if you send your order less then 30 days before the due date. This will depend on the days left before filing, whether it is possible to get term extensions for filing of translations, and the number of word to translate.
  7. If the PCT application or EP patent is not published in English, you must provide us with English translations, and also confirm that the translations are exact translations of the published PCT application or granted EP patent. The prices on the portal are based on one translation from publication language to English, and that the translation to the national languages are based on the English translation. You must inform us in the comment field if you prefer direct translations from publication language to filing language, and the translation cost may then be somewhat higher and we might also have to select another local agent.
  8. We will send you the invoice for your filing order shortly after receipt of your order, and the invoice must be paid within the indicated payment date (which will depend on when the filing due date is). We will not proceed with the filing of the national/regional applications unless the invoice is paid as per our terms.
  9. The calculation of the filing costs are based on a number of different variables for each country and for the given PCT applications, and we will do our best to present precise numbers. However, you might experience deviations, and we will try to communicate these deviations shortly after receipt of your order. The numbers of words are calculated automatically, and we ask you to check that the numbers are in accordance with your estimates. The numbers of words, pages and claims will be forwarded to our local agents, and will be accepted as the basis for the invoice before you receive our formal confirmation.
  10. The prices given for agents we do not have an agreement with, i.e. agents that are not indicated as preferred on the portal, the costs are only an estimate based on standard price lists. We will do our best to ensure these prices, but changes may sometimes occur.
  11. For countries with large and small entity status, the portal will only show the official fees assuming large entity. The invoiced amount will however be correct, and thus lower than the estimated costs, if the entity is small.
  12. If you want to file voluntarily amended claims, you will be charged for this work in addition to the estimate for filing of the application. In some countries we also have to translate amendments filed under PCT Article 19 and 34, and the costs for translation and filing of such amendments are not included in the costs given on the portal.
  13. Designation of extension states in a European application will cost extra (not included in the estimate).
  14. Estimates for the national or regional application do not include renewal fees which may in some countries be due shortly after filing. We will pay annuities if they are due at or shortly after filing, and they will be charges separately. We will do our best to inform you about annuity dates, but you are responsible for payment of annuities unless you instruct Actio IP to monitor and pay annuities as part of the order.
  15. The prices indicated on the portal do not include the filing of a request for substantive examination. If the substantive examination has to requested at filing, we will charge you for this request separately.
  16. We will provide you with filled-in documents (Power of Attorney and assignment documents) shortly after receipt of your filing order, and you must send us the signed documents so that we can file the documents in good time before the respective due dates. Failure to send the documents can result in loss of the application, and if you send the documents too late our local agent will charge you extra. If original documents are needed, you have to send these directly to our local agents. We will provide you with contact details.
  17. Actio IP accepts no responsibility for errors or delays perpetrated by national patent authorities or other authorities.
  18. Actio IP does not assume responsibility for any errors or delays perpetrated by our cooperation partners that we have to use for foreign filing of applications. The local partners are engaged on behalf of our client, and are only mediated by Actio IP.
  19. Actio IP accepts no responsibility for loss of rights caused by stoppage or delays of transactions in connection with countries, companies or people that are on any government, bank or financial authorities’ sanctions lists.