About Anaqua Foreign Filing
Anaqua Foreign Filing was founded in 2009 with the goal of developing Intellectual Property (IP) management software to reduce costs and administration. We understand the needs and complex demands of the IP industry, what is involved in developing and managing complex portfolios and the importance of creating strong international relationships.
We provide administrative services for IP professionals via the Anaqua Foreign Filing Portal. Through the portal you access a one-stop global platform for streamlining global filings and validations. The portal is your gateway to international IP firms, giving flexibility and providing cost and time savings, so you will have more time for higher-value tasks.
No. Anaqua Foreign Filing is an IP administrative services company. We are not a consultancy company and do not provide legal advice or prepare patent, trademark or design applications. While we have experienced patent attorneys on our team, the services offered on the Anaqua Foreign Filing portal are only administrative, i.e. we administer the formal filing of your PCT national phase patent applications, EP granted patent validations and trademark applications. When the formal filing is completed, you will then correspond and work directly with the local agents selected on the portal.
Anaqua Foreign Filing Portal
The Anaqua Foreign Filing portal is a platform accessible to all IP professionals to assist with:
  • PCT National Phase filings
  • EP Validations
  • Direct Filing (Paris Convention)
In addition to simplifying and reducing the costs of organising multiple foreign agents, together with safe and easy filing, the Anaqua Foreign Filing portal gives you the flexibility to use one of the pre-selected preferred agents and freedom for you to choose your existing international associates.
  • One-stop solution for your international filings and validations
  • Access and review all of your pre-loaded PCT applications and granted EP patents
  • Competitive and fixed pricing
  • One order for all countries
  • International coverage with highly qualified and experienced IP firms
  • Flexibility to use your existing associates
  • Reduced administration by receiving all documents in a single email
  • Download estimates, include your own service fees and send directly to your clients
  • No, there are no joining or membership fees to access or place orders through the portal.
    We prefer that you have one administrator on the portal that can set your company profile such as for instance your own filing fees when you use the portal for foreign filing. In addition to the administrator you can have several users and these can be set up by your administrator or by our support team.
    The Anaqua Foreign Filing portal lists over 2000 international agents, which can be chosen to place orders through.
    Anaqua Foreign Filing has secured competitive and fixed pricing with a number of highly qualified and experienced local IP agents who are shown as preferred agents on the Anaqua Foreign Filing portal.
    The portal is flexible and users can choose whether they want to use the selected “preferred” agents for only certain filings and continue to use their existing agents for others. There is no obligation or cost to use the agent selected on the portal but these will provide a more cost-effective solution.
    Other FAQs
    All translations are conducted by the local filing agent, i.e. by professional patent agents translating the description and claims into their mother language. When there is an order which includes a number of countries with the same translation requirements, we generally ask one agent to perform the translation and then send it to the other agents. We charge a fixed cost for the additional work incurred for forwarding the translation.
    The selected agent will check whether they have any conflict of interest when they receive a filing order.